About Meet Love Repeat

Find your next casual date. Look through profiles of real people, and read what their previous partners have liked about them. Dating becomes easier, safer, better.

Improve your casual dating life with Meet Love Repeat’s unique feature: MLR profiles include Stories about the dating experience that other members had with this person or couple, even when using other dating platforms.

We make online dating services safer

Meet Love Repeat puts an extra safety layer over the dating services you already use and like: Tinder, AdultFriendFinder, Match.com, Grindr, etc... Share your experience and write spicy Stories about the people you date through any dating platform. And read other people’s Stories to become better informed about what to expect when dating someone. We help you increase your chances of going on great and exciting dates.

We took out the ‘creep factor’

Women have been exposed to a lot of frustrating stuff when it comes to online dating: creeps you would never consider going out with, nude pictures you didn’t ask for (guys, really?). We filter out any fake profiles or bots, and celebrate real people and real Stories. In short: MLR is a safe, controlled environment that caters to women first, offers great information and lets you enjoy exhilarating Stories.

Get out there!

So start searching for people or couples on Meet Love Repeat or any other dating service. Go on a lovely, thrilling, steamy date with them. And share your Story with the MLR community!

Pssst! Be sure to also check out the community Talks and MLR’s insiders’ tips on the hottest dating events and venues in the world’s coolest cities.

Does MLR have a mobile app?

Yes, iOS users can find the MLR app here.
We are currently working on the Android version too! In the meantime, you can access the MLR mobile website on your smartphone.

Media Inquiries

If you’re a journalist, editor, student, blogger, or anyone else interested in writing about us, contact [email protected].

Our press kit can be found here: MLR Press Kit.