5 things to improve for a healthier (dating) life in 2017

5 things to improve for a healthier (dating) life in 2017

Slim down, reduce those vices and get out of your comfort zone! Here are 5 things you can implement for a new and improved dating life in 2017.

They always say that everyone starts with a long list of New Year’s resolutions but never really follows them through. I guess I am also guilty of being an over-enthusiastic planner, not so much a follow-upper, especially when it comes to saying no to a second scoop of delicious ice cream after dinner even though I swore to refrain from overindulging in the New Year.

Just like my eating habits could use a little health-kick, so could my (online) dating life. Do I really need all those dating apps? Do I have to spend my precious hours before going to bed glued to my phone and my computer chasing likes on Facebook? Nope. So I decided to start a diet in 2017 to improve my online dating habits:

1.) Slim down
This is always on top of the list, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be good to carry just a little bit less around with us? A little bit less as in less dating apps, less (half completed) profiles on various online dating sites, and less meaningless Tinder matches that fizzle out even before the first Hello. Let’s make 2017 a year where we choose quality over quantity, not only in food but also in our dating choices. Let’s lose some of that unnecessary online dating weight, drop some apps here, and reduce some profiles there. Just choose a few options you were happy with and get rid of the rest. Say goodbye to aimless binge shopping for love and be more conscious when choosing your dating platforms. The lighter you will thank you for this.

2.) Reduce those vices
As with smoking or drinking we are also guilty of indulging in online dating behaviour that isn’t good for us. How about those hours we spend online before going to bed? When we finally close our eyes we slip into a restless sleep and when the alarm goes off it seems like we didn’t sleep at all. Time to cut our late-night Tinder-swiping until our eyes hurt. Just one more, or two. Nope. Those of us who spend all day behind a computer can definitely use some time offline, away from our dating profiles and all the apps that go with them. Just grab a book for a change or try to solve that Sudoku puzzle you started on the weekend!

3.) Cut your stress
Don’t add unnecessary stress to your online dating life by spending too much time on your screens – your phone, your computer, your iPad, etc. Did someone message me on this profile? Who liked my picture on Instagram? Do I have any new matches? It’s very time-consuming to keep up with all your online profiles, and this habit can even eat away time that you normally use for sleep, exercise or getting together with your (real life) friends. Pick a time that you dedicate to your online profiles and dating apps and log out when that time is up. You’ll see that you use your apps more efficiently when you give yourself regular time to breathe.

4.) Stay in touch
Just like in real life it doesn’t hurt to stay in touch with people we meet online and form some kind of relationship with. Instead of going through matches like there is no tomorrow, we could spend more time trying to get to know someone who shares a common interest. Don’t go for the quick superficial mass of contacts but keep the conversation going with an individual that caught your eye online. You could also use your online contacts to play cupid and make someone else happy. That guy you didn’t have a connection with? He might be the right match for your bestie. Doing something good for someone else will also give you a massive boost.

5.) Get out of your comfort zone
Sometimes we are so caught up in our own life that, even with those new dating apps we’re using, we can’t seem to meet anyone we like. Are there no decent men out there anymore? Instead of signing up for more dating sites and creating profile after profile, a change of our daily rut could do the trick. How about booking a trip for singles and embarking on a tropical adventure? Or why not sign up for an online language exchange? Learning something new or doing something out of your comfort zone can be invigorating and inspiring. Do something good for body and soul in 2017!

New Year’s resolutions always seem like a good idea on paper but you can get easily discouraged if you don’t see any quick improvements. There will be bumps on the road but don’t quit immediately when it gets hard or if you start to really, really miss your deleted apps. It will get better as you spend more quality-time online instead of being all over the shop. Bring on 2017 and your new and improved dating life!

By Hootie
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