Come out, come out wherever you are. It’s playtime…

Come out, come out wherever you are. It’s playtime…

In our digital era the possibilities for dating are endless. With Meet Love Repeat you have all the tools to enjoy safe playtime whenever you feel like it.

Being part of Generation Y I often find myself shifting between traditional and progressive wishes. Who am I? What am I?
Born in the digital era of an ever-changing world with high expectations and a strong preference for new technologies. The world is most definitely my oyster, wouldn’t you agree?

I also see endless possibilities when it comes to dating, living in a society that is always on the go. I can’t help but wonder: How far can I stretch when I come and out and play.

When entering the dating world I see myself getting excited just knowing that a connection is one click away. With Meet Love Repeat a brand-new adventure starts whenever and wherever I decide to step in. I get to have the power. Dating in this time and age allows me to be in all places at once. I decide where my boundaries are and how far I want to go in my search. Do I want to look in a city near me or go crazy and dare to hit a person up abroad? At first when I find a match, mostly more than a handful, I start making contact loosely, stirring and winding up one after the other. So we enter the playground.

The new way of dating for me has eliminated avoiding confrontations or dealing with ignorance.

First things first, I decide what I am looking for on Meet Love Repeat. Then I invite my prospects out to play. Access, access, access. The possibilities are truly endless.

Mostly, I find myself in the same playroom as my love interests. The rules are clear and set. When playtime is over, simply for having not met each other’s needs or wanting to move to a new game, we just move on. I feel more courageous than ever to just be myself. The new way of dating for me has eliminated avoiding confrontations or dealing with ignorance. It has given me perfect tools to date successfully and to my advantage. I have always felt safe due to the countless ways to communicate and get to know a potential date before meeting. There is no risk, no time commitment, yet a playful test to find out the basics and make an initial connection to start something new.

I have the luxury to date whenever I feel like it. Playtime is all about collecting new impressions and going on new adventures as well as exploring sexually. Above all, it is about having fun. When meeting in the digital world there is no awkwardness for me. Making jokes, being honest and asking for what I need no longer feels challenging. I get to make use of the perfect guidance from Meet Love Repeat when looking for compatibility in personality or interest to narrow down my options.

By mss_good_morethengood
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