Find a lover with one of these 10 unusual dating apps or sites

Find a lover with one of these 10 unusual dating apps or sites

Haven’t had any luck on Tinder lately? Not to worry! Mullet Passions, Sizzl, Wingman - there is a wide variety of dating apps out there to find your special someone.

Haven’t had any luck on Tinder or OkCupid lately? Not to worry! While these are quite popular apps in terms of online dating, there is still a wide variety of other options out there to find your special someone or just like-minded people to hang out with.

The technology company Quantcast conducted research for the online magazine Bustle and looked at over 480,000 searches between January and February 2017. With 74 per cent Tinder is the clear winner in terms of current most searched dating apps, followed by OkCupid with seven per cent and Grindr with five per cent. That doesn’t mean however that you have to use these popular apps.

If general mainstream platforms are not your cup of tea then you can get adventurous and dive deep into the vast world of niche dating apps. Here you’ll find everything you’ve been looking for and more – from fellow foodies to people sharing a love for a certain hairstyle. If you are searching for a bearded companion, a sugar daddy, a tall friend or a salad-lover you are in luck. There are tons of weird dating apps out there catering to every niche market possible.
Some people value size while others pay more attention to hair.

How about a dating app for all the haters out there? Why find someone who loves the same things when you can find someone who hates everything you hate? The app Hater matches people according to their dislikes. Trump, anyone? But there are also more positive apps out there like Sizzl. If you are looking for a companion to share a romantic and hearty breakfast with, then you could try this yummy dating app (even though it’s not entirely serious). Note down your meaty preferences and don’t forget the level of crispiness you prefer to find your fellow carnivore!

On a lighter (and healthier) note you could try a website called Gluten-Free Singles. Especially, if you can’t eat bread and want to find someone who shares a gluten-free meal with you on your date night, this dating app might be for you. The community surrounding this app is not only for dating but you can also join activity groups and find friends. Speaking of friends, isn’t it hard when you’re tall but your circle of friends (including your SO) belongs to the breed of normal-sized people? Well Tall Friends has got you covered! This site claims to be highly effective when it comes to uniting tall-dating minded individuals.

Some people value size while others pay more attention to hair. Good news for those who mean business up front but keep a party in the back. Mullet Passions caters to singles who appreciate this rather unique hairstyle. After signing up you can jump right into it and join the so-called mullet chat to find a partner with your sense of style. Yeeehaaa! If you don’t particularly care about your potential partner’s hairstyle but rather value the fact that he owns a fluffy little friend, then Purrsonals is the dating platform for you where you can (online) mingle with singles with cats.
“Actually, why date someone if I can rent him/her.”

What if you don’t want to work and still live a luxurious life? Seeking Arrangement is a site that doesn’t beat around the bush. This dating platform connects wealthy, older men aka “sugar daddies” with younger women who are willing to accept gifts and money in exchange for let’s say, companionship? You get the point. From a lavish life to a life in the clouds. Wingman is a high-altitude Tinder app to help users join the mile-high club. When creating your profile you share personal information like your picture, first name, occupation, age, airline, flight number and whether you travel for business or pleasure. The app shows you a list of travellers on your flight and you can start a conversation and probably enjoy some very intimate inflight entertainment.

From the sky to the sea, Sea Captain Date is a website for men and women who share a love for the ocean. Here you can find your first mate to sail the seven seas with. Like the rest of the dating apps mentioned before, this one also sounds a bit weird. It definitely caters to a certain group of people but believe me, it can get even weirder. Leave it to our Asian friends to develop an app that lets you rent a human being. That’s right, you can literally rent someone on Zu Wo (租我). Now you might think: “Actually, why date someone if I can rent him/her.” You’ve got a point there. The app has a useful feature that shows you who’s using the app at the moment in your proximity. Now you only need a translator and you’re good to go.

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