Five Casual Dating Recommendations for 2018

Five Casual Dating Recommendations for 2018

What are our casual dating recommendations for 2018? Be real, safe, smart and the best you can be and you will have tons of fun in the New Year.

What are the dating trends for the New Year? What can we expect on our quest for love in 2018? Are we going to start dating robots? Who knows, but what’s certain is that singles will continue to enjoy the current fast-paced online dating scene with countless opportunities to get to know a potential partner. According to Tech Crunch, Tinder is currently testing a feed with real-time updates to ensure that members are always up-to-date when looking for their potential match.

Dating in this day and age means that your new flame or lifetime partner is just a swipe away. With all this accessibility, what can you do to have great dating experiences in the New Year?

Be real
Honesty is key when it comes to dating. No one wants to date a liar, especially not in 2018. We are not interested in being told fairy tales and out-of-proportion realities. Be you. Tell it like it is. Are you just looking for a fling? Are you a notorious binge-dater? It’s not a problem if you are upfront with your matches.

Are you currently cuffing – looking for a winter-relationship to keep you warm and cuddly but want to uncuff as soon as spring rolls around so you can be all flirty and single again? Why not? Just make sure you’re on the same page with your date and don’t go around ghosting, aka vanishing off the face of the earth after a few successful dates, and then come zombieing back like nothing has happened. Be real.

Be safe
Get all the information you can before you go on a date. This doesn’t mean that you have to Google the heck out of your match. You can just use a dating platform like Meet Love Repeat to read verified Recommendation Stories about your match and find out in-depth details about their previous dates.

These are real stories shared by real people. Be sure you use trusted dating apps and stay away from the dodgy kinds that promise you things that sound too good to be true. If you have a preferred dating app, you can just keep using it next to the Meet Love Repeat app to check if someone’s profile has Stories in MLR.

Be smart
Know before you go. What do you expect from a date? Do you prefer a romantic dinner with candlelight, lots of red wine and staring into each other’s eyes? Or are you the spicy kind that doesn’t mind getting naughty right away when meeting someone new?

Most dating platforms don’t verify information about their members nor do they allow any recommendations by others. Fake profiles, disrespectful creeps and incompatible partners are common issues, simply because users don’t know what to expect before meeting someone in real life after connecting online.

Meet Love Repeat is fixing this problem by sharing recommendations written by its own members about users of any dating platform. Be smart and get all the crucial information you need to improve the quality of your dating experience.

Be a catch
What’s your best asset? Are you looking for incredible adventures filled with lust and love in the New Year? Make sure you attract the high-quality crowd you deserve by being the best you can be. What qualities are you looking for in a partner? Do you bring these qualities to the table or do you need to grow in certain areas yourself? We’re all unique. We all offer something special in relationships with others. Be the best you can be to get the best outcome.

Have fun
What else is there to say? Dating should be fun. If you make smart decisions, if you’re true to yourself and if you’re sure you’re safe before meeting a new person you’re going to have many exciting new experiences. Go out and have the time of your life and fall in love again and again.

Have a datelicious 2018 – and make it a memorable one!

By Hootie
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