Five Tips to Find Your Perfect Date for New Year’s Eve

Five Tips to Find Your Perfect Date for New Year’s Eve

Looking for someone to kiss and hold when the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December? Here are some tips to find your perfect date for New Year’s Eve.

As 2017 is drawing to an end many of us take the time to reflect on their year. Some of us are already busy making plans and writing down their New Year’s resolution. Others again have only one thing on their mind: I need the perfect date for New Year’s Eve!

What’s better than having someone to hold, kiss and dance with when the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December? That’s right, no one should be alone on New Year’s Eve. Let’s be honest. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just a casual date or the love of your life as long as you’re spending the last day of the year in great company.

Do you have your date locked in already? Perfect. If you’re still on the lookout for a certain someone and can’t seem to find your New Year’s Eve match, try some of these tips:

1. Make sure your profile is in great shape
What’s important? You need a great pic, highlight your best qualities and interests and mention what you are looking for. That way it’s easier for your potential match to see if you have things in common. Why not glam it up for New Year’s Eve? Have a little fun with your profile around the festive season and see how many like-minded people are out there looking for a great date for the last day of the year.

2. Get creative
Prepare fun first line when talking to your match. Why don’t you try something funky and bold to get your message across? “Are you a firework, baby?” “Let’s get sparkling!” “You, me, 2 glasses and a bottle of Prosecco. Let’s watch the world become another year older.” You get the idea. Looking for a date for a special occasion is always a good conversation starter. Let’s see who’s in a celebratory mood!

3. Know your dating deal breakers
This is where the dating platform Meet Love Repeat comes in very handy. Apart from a short profile and a picture you’ll also get to read Recommendation Stories, where people are sharing their previous experiences with your match.

This provides you with better insights due to lots of details and a bigger picture of a person. What does your gut say? Do you have a good feeling about that person? On the contrary, don’t write someone off because they wear a wrong-coloured shirt in their profile pic. It might not be love at first sight but you could still be clicking in real life.

4. Put in some effort
Put yourself out there and get to know some people. Crying into your blanket all day feeling sorry for yourself because you don’t have a date for New Year’s Eve doesn’t help. Get your phone out and check out some potential dates.

You haven’t come across your knight in shining armour yet? Don’t stress too much about it and just engage in some interesting chats and flirty conversations. Soon enough you’ll come across a like-minded person who wants to spend New Year’s Eve in your company.

5. Flirt, flirt, flirt
With Christmas & New Year’s Eve the festive season is in full swing. Does all that glitz and glam put you in the mood for a cheeky flirt? You’re definitely not alone! Capture that sparkle in your eyes and update your profile pic. Your next flirt is just a swipe away. If you found a match and you hit it off online don’t wait too long before you meet in person. That way you can see if your online banter translates into offline chemistry and compatibility, and a romantic start of 2018.

By Hootie
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