Movie review: Bad Match

Movie review: Bad Match

An online hookup gone wrong – “Bad Match” is a psychological thriller a la “Fatal Attraction” in the age of Tinder, which is equally as shocking as it is entertaining.

Director: David Chirchirillo
Cast: Jack Cutmore-Scott, Lili Simmons, Brandon Scott, Chase Williamson, Christine Donlon, Noureen DeWulf, Kahyun Kim.
Release Date: Nov 3, 2017

This entertaining thriller in the age of Tinder hookups puts a magnifying glass to extreme cases of modern dating. One of the main characters is Harris, played by Jack Cutmore-Scott, who portrays a twenty-something L.A. guy working for a hip advertising agency (complete with hot female boss and all). When Harris isn’t working he’s enjoying his carefree life playing online video games, throwing back some drinks with friends and swiping to the right – on his dating app that is. He works his way through the jungle of potential hookups like a man on a mission because for this slick millennial, it’s “a numbers game”. The more girls you get in touch with the more you can potentially hook up with.

Enter the main female character

On one occasion we find Harris on the hunt for fresh meat yet again. As he searches for a potential hookup, he comes across a girl called Riley, played by Lili Simmons. She looks the part and fits his type (breathing), meaning he quickly gives her a swipe of approval and moves on to the next picture. Bingo! It’s a match. Seems like the attraction is mutual and they quickly meet for a date that ends how it always does for Harris, horizontal.

Satisfied with his newest conquest, he makes sure to get out of the girl’s life as fast as he entered it. Riley however has a character trait that separates her from the girls he usually meets. Although she seems like a fun-loving sex kitten on her profile, the confident student is actually incredibly persistent and will do (almost) anything to get what she wants. And what she doesn’t want is being tossed away by the same guy who seemed to enjoy her company during the more pleasurable hours of the night.

Stalking, lies and manipulation

When Harris retreats to the safety of his apartment after a wild night with Riley, she starts texting and calling him. Usually, the “annoying” girl gives up after he’s ignored her for long enough, but this commonly successful strategy doesn’t work with the determined Riley. “Bad Match” gets more and more intense as the story unfolds and Harris’ life seems to spiral out of control after it all began on such a light-hearted note. Bouts of stalking, a fake suicide attempt, a hacked Twitter account and some very serious accusations later on in the movie a la “Fatal Attraction” will take viewers on a psychological rollercoaster ride before it ends with a big bang.
It’s an extreme case of online dating gone wrong, but elements of the story will probably ring true to anyone who’s entered the world wide web for the search of their significant other.

What’s the moral of the story?

Do guys view dating apps as fresh meat factories, and every girl they meet online is easily replaceable? Are girls all bat-shit crazy and cling on to every guy, who graces them with the slightest hint of attention? It’s an extreme case of online dating gone wrong, but elements of the story will probably ring true to anyone who’s entered the world wide web for the search of their significant other.

In the case of “Bad Match” the craziness could have been stopped at the very beginning if Harris and Riley had used a dating app like MLR to read the potential Recommendation Stories someone left about their match. This way they could have found out more about each other before going on their first date. The movie would then probably be called “Good Match”, we’d have to find new main characters and the story would loose all its drama for the sake of a smooth love story. Maybe it’s best to leave the drama in the cinemas and keep dating safe in real life.

By Hootie
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