What’s new in the world of sex toys for women?

What’s new in the world of sex toys for women?

Sexy pleasure devices come in all shapes, sizes and colours, you just need to browse to find your perfect match, or you get a sex toy for every day of the week

Packing for my latest trip I sorted through my cosmetic bag and the good old vibrator caught my eye. He’s been on a lot of trips with me and honestly, my old friend has lost his shine a little bit. He also doesn’t spring to action as readily and eagerly as he did in the beginning, but rather stutters his way to full speed. Don’t get me wrong, he still does his job, but maybe just maybe it’s time for him to retire and make room for a cool new sex toy.

It’s a done deal – time for a sex toy upgrade

With a nod of appreciation I laid him to rest and went online to see what’s out there. What have I missed in those years (yes, he’s been around for a while) that I’ve been faithful to my travel-sized vibrator? A lot. I couldn’t believe my eyes. With a good home selection of sex toys, it seems like a woman is in no need for a partner to get some satisfaction in the lust department these days. After hours of studying those little pleasure givers, I narrowed down my selection to sex… ahem six.

The first erotic gadget that caught my eye was called Eva. While it is easily rechargeable via USB and also waterproof (which is pretty handy), mainly it’s just adorable. It kind of looks like a little friendly creature with two arms that wants to hang out and have some fun with you. It’s also the first hands-free, strap-free vibrator that’s apparently very popular with couples. You can put its little arms under your labia to stimulate your clitoris during sex and free up your hands while playing with yourself.

Eva, Ora, Magic Wand – these names promise major fun

All right, did I even have to look further? I was pretty sold on little Eva but then I discovered the Ora. What was that? This sensual massager looked a little bit like an oversized bangle but it actually claims to be world’s most sophisticated oral sex stimulator. This – let’s call it robot mouth - is made of soft silicone with an incorporated tiny ball that moves around… and of course it also vibrates. Ayayay! I was getting more and more excited only reading about these little miracle workers. And how could I not? They’re all so cute and funky, plus they promise a powerful performance between the sheets. For example, the Muse massager, which is essentially a cute rabbit that vibrates his ears for your satisfaction (do I need to say anything else but double stimulation?).

If you are a Harry Potter fan or just a classic vibrator aficionado (this thing has been on the market for 47 years!) you’ll probably appreciate the Magic Wand. It takes care of clitoral stimulation as well as penetration and – this is the fun part – you can pimp it out to your liking. Very fancy, and in addition you have a plug-and-play option in case you forgot to charge it but can’t wait another minute for an orgasm - truly magical Size-wise though it was bit too big for my tastes, and I eventually gravitated towards the Je joue Mimi soft toy which is very compact and “soft as a cushion pretty in pink vibrator”, as they described it on the website. It’s also so small that it easily fits in your handbag (and anywhere else) and has 5 different vibration patterns and speeds to keep things caliente.

Sexy gadgets in all shapes and sizes

Why did I wait for that long to buy a new toy? There were tons of fun gadgets out there to be discovered, tried out and enjoyed. Some of them seemed incredibly practical like the Tingletip electric toothbrush clitoral vibrator, which you can just attach to, you guessed it, your electric toothbrush. The Vesper doubles as a piece of jewellery for those amongst us who can’t go anywhere without their beloved vibrator. The last little fun toy that caught my eye though was called Hula Beads. Anyone else thinking 50 Shades of Grey right now? These remote controlled pleasure beads vibrate and rotate at the same time showering you with pleasure.

To be honest, these sexy pleasure devices come in all shapes, sizes and colours, you just need to have a good browse to find your perfect match, or you get one for every day of the week! Me? I settled for two in the end; a cute, small and discreet travel companion and a holy-shit-why-do-I-even-go-out-when-I-have-this-at-home vibrator.

By Hootie
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