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SwingersOase (SwingersOase)
Parenclub Oase is de; exotische Oase in het zuiden
Kinky suite (Kinkysuite)
Kinky bed and breakfast, sm room, jacuzzi, pole stage,
thema-avonden, speciale weekend menu's, acties!
Club Paradise
Sparkling atmosphere for easygoing couples and singles
Europe's most trendy Erotic Lifestyle Club
"Fun4Two" for a wonderful night of erotic pleasure.
Ontspanning op hoog niveau
Kasteel Waterloo
We know no strangers, only friends we have never met before.
Parenclub De Zaar
Hospitality and gezelligheid "De Zaar"
  • MalaMi1985
    Do you lose the feeling of intense personal satisfaction and deeper intimacy during sex, when you have lots of sex? For example, if you attend orgies, or hook up a lot, it seems to me that you tend to lose that feeling of "this is special. I will feel this for the entire day and think of it fondly for a long time " kind of feeling.  Personally-touching, deep, I-am-desired, satisfying, emotionally good type feeling.
  • Jacno
    Within all the dates you had... Which accent did you find the hottest ? 
  • AccidentalLover
    Have you ever had a situation when you broke up with your SO (in a friendly way) right before some holiday or his/her birthday and ended up with a dilemma whether to buy him/her a present or not? Let's say, would you in such situation still get your SO a Christmas present?  I don't mean things you planned ahead before a breakup (like a trip or some event). Just curious to hear your opinions on that.
  • Jacno
    did it ever happen that you felt so uncomfortable during the first date, you actually had to find an excuse to run away... ? I actually faked a phone call once and felt like a total bitch afterwards, but well, you guys ? Do you stay polite and sit down until the end or what ?
  • Julietta
    I am curious if age has made you change habits, as far as your sex life is concerned. For example, do you tend to choose less 'physical' sex positions the older you get? Or, you are equally active, but maybe in lower frequency ?