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Club 7 Sins (Club7Sins)
Sit down and relax!
Saints and Sinners AC (SaintsSinnersAC)
Come party and play with us at Saints and Sinners in AC!
Sauna Club Flip (SaunaClubFlip)
Wellness - Swingen - Lifestyle
Oasis Aqualounge (OasisAqualounge)
Oasis Aqualounge is a water-themed adult playground .
Where your fantasies and desires do come true
2+2 Club (22)
Sensual nights!
SwingersOase (SwingersOase)
Parenclub Oase is de; exotische Oase in het zuiden
Gary & Margaret's (GaryMargarets)
Call & Come out to Party & Play in Mira Loma, Ca!
Intimidades (Intimidades)
INtimate, seductive and addictive
  • Jacno
    did it ever happen that you felt so uncomfortable during the first date, you actually had to find an excuse to run away... ? I actually faked a phone call once and felt like a total bitch afterwards, but well, you guys ? Do you stay polite and sit down until the end or what ?
  • Angeloh
    Do you feel comfortable using technology for dating? I mean, would you keep it a secret so that your friends wouldn’t know you meet people online? I guess it depends on the place or culture you come from. Curious about your opinion!
  • AccidentalLover
    Have you ever had a situation when you broke up with your SO (in a friendly way) right before some holiday or his/her birthday and ended up with a dilemma whether to buy him/her a present or not? Let's say, would you in such situation still get your SO a Christmas present?  I don't mean things you planned ahead before a breakup (like a trip or some event). Just curious to hear your opinions on that.
  • poulaineamelie35
    Did you ever have a terrible date? Or did you ever regret dating someone? What do you consider as an awful date? Tell us what happened....
  • Jacno
    Within all the dates you had... Which accent did you find the hottest ?