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SwingersOase (SwingersOase)
Parenclub Oase is de; exotische Oase in het zuiden
Kinky suite (Kinkysuite)
Kinky bed and breakfast, sm room, jacuzzi, pole stage,
thema-avonden, speciale weekend menu's, acties!
Club Paradise
Sparkling atmosphere for easygoing couples and singles
Europe's most trendy Erotic Lifestyle Club
"Fun4Two" for a wonderful night of erotic pleasure.
Ontspanning op hoog niveau
Kasteel Waterloo
We know no strangers, only friends we have never met before.
Parenclub De Zaar
Hospitality and gezelligheid "De Zaar"
  • Trico31
    So, I just signed up in this comunity trying to find out the question everyone is afraid to talk (at least publicly): Does casual sex really exist? Do not get me wrong, I am married and my wife and I are happy together but due to other reasons we do not have as much sex as we would like to and after speaking about it we suggested to try "something" else. For now we are open to talk about it and try to figure out if this solution is actually go...
  • MalaMi
    The common opinion is that women are looking for love and men for sex . How do we reconcile such conflict of expectations? Or is it simply a stereotypical opinion?  
  • 80sNewbies
    Ghosting. Have you ever done that ? did anyone do that to you?  I am surprised that it is so normal to accept this ridiculous attitude today... is it us, that we have changed due to extensive use of digital media and swiping? or is it okay in the end as we have all done it at some point to someone so the guilt is somewhat shared....  Cool article on ghosting guys! keep feeding us!
  • Julietta
    Hi all, I wonder if you openly talk about your swinging lifestyle with your friends who don't share the same habits. Or do you keep it as a secret? Thanks!
  • Angeloh
    Can anyone recommend any soccer club for expats in Amsterdam? I'm new in the city and I would like to start playing some games, but I can't speak Dutch. It can be amateur level or even a club participating in the league. Any help is welcome, thanks!