Fetish Friday: Predator vs. Prey

Aug 18 | 10 pm | UTC-05:00
Oasis Aqualounge (OasisAqualounge), 231 Mutual Street, Toronto
Starting at $20
Get your kink on tonight at Oasis Aqualounge. The Oasis dungeon is the perfect place to explore your fetishes. Every month, Fetish Friday will explore kinky themes and will encourage BDSM exploration.

Tonight, we will be exploring primal play. Expressing your primal self can take many forms; some embody an animal of their choice, such as a cat or a wolf. Some people form packs and determine who is the ‘alpha’ in their group. Sexual activity becomes more raw and BDSM activity involves hands, teeth and muscle, rather than handcuffs and floggers.

Join host She-Wolf and special guest Mein Kommandant for an interactive play demo, starting at 11:30pm in the Ballroom. Experience the intimate aspects of predators and their prey. This presentation will include:

Fundamentals of the primal community
Connections between people and their primal roles
Primal in private vs. primal play parties
Safety and consent during the use of take downs and holds.
We encourage guests to play in their primal roles; mats will be available.

Women and couples welcome.

Couples: $95*
Women: $20*

* We encourage a fetish dress code and will offer $20 off admission for any couples who arrive in fetish clothing and $10 for women who arrive in fetish wear. Only one discount per couple.

Fetish wear can include: latex, leather, costumes, uniforms, role play, cosplay, collar and leash/collar lead. Vanilla pricing will be applied to those in regular street clothes unless a full, fetish outfit is brought and shown upon paying admission.

Fetish dress code discounts begin at 9pm tonight

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