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You can have only one account. Should we detect that you are using multiple accounts for fraud purposes or any other infringement, MLR may ban you.

A screen name is a unique handler for your persona. For instance, a business can have both a screen name and a web name. The business can change their web name, but not their screen name. This allows... Read more

Web name is the name that a business Persona advertises on the internet. The account owner can change the web name linked to this Persona. Web names are not unique. If you want to make sure that you a... Read more

Find out more about our membership levels.

Once a purchase is confirmed, you’ll get a notification from MLR confirming your new membership. You can always go to your account settings and check your current membership type.

If you want to cancel your recurring monthly subscription, please contact us. If you have a quarterly or annual subscription (they are never recurring), you don’t need to cancel. Please note that... Read more

MLR Days are literally the number of days that you can use the Premium features on Meet Love Repeat. When you buy a subscription, you receive a number of MLR Premium membership days. You can also e... Read more

Surely not! If you have a recurring membership (monthly charge), your MLR Days will be held forever (well, at least until the sun goes supernova). If you have a non-recurring membership (quarterly or... Read more

For some members looking to cancel their account, changing their Persona screen name solves the problem. If this applies to you, please give us three names you would like to use (in order of preferenc... Read more