Story Submission Guidelines

Be fair and honest in your story

Stories are about your positive experience with other member(s). It’s a way to express your personal dating insights to other members and help others learn and become better at dating!

So don’t write a Story that contains any profanity, bullying, health references, disability references, confidential information, name calling, derogatory terms, abuse, racism, hateful content, or any wording that might hurt someone’s feelings.

Keep in mind that members are researching the profiles / personas that you are writing about. Be thorough and factually correct. Write a Story that is helpful, a Story that you would like to read yourself.

Respect a user’s privacy

  • Use only the user’s screen name, even if you know the user’s real name.
  • Don’t provide contact information such as phones, email addresses.
  • Please limit the user’s location information to city. Never mention a user’s address or even slight references to the user’s exact location.
  • Personal information about the user is, well… personal. Entering personal details such as the user’s profession, college or major, whether the user has children etcetera is not cool.
  • Also, don’t mention drugs. They’re not legal or allowed, in most states and countries.

Submit story of a meeting / date within three months

Your memory of a date will be most accurate to what actually happened if you write a Story shortly after your encounter. That’s why we like you to submit a Story within three months of your meeting. Plus, a lot can change with a member in a short amount of time.

Avoid a conflict of interest

Please write unbiased and objective Stories. For example, you shouldn’t write about anyone directly related to you (friend, family member, roommate etcetera). Also, no member should write Stories about themselves. And please make sure you don’t write the Story on your partners’ (other members) computer or device, or in the presence of them. MLR may delist the profile of your partner(s) and ban you.

Always submit a users’ web presence on other dating services (if you’re writing a Recommendation Story about someone who is not a member of MLR)

MLR aims to provide useful Stories and real profiles to members. That’s why we need an online presentation of the user (Profile url or screenshot of profile), that ideally doesn’t require logging in to access the required information.

Writing a Story for users you wrote about previously

Want to submit a new Story of a user you have previously reviewed? No problem, if it’s a complete rewrite that adds something new to the experience, such as changes in look, behavior, things you did together, intimate details etcetera. The date related to the new Story should have taken place more than three months after the previously meeting you wrote about.

Receiving Membership credit for approved Stories

If your Recommendation Story is published, you will get 10 MLR Days that you can use to access our Premium areas. If you’re writing a Recommendation Story about someone you met through a dating service outside MLR, you’ll get 2 MLR Days to start with. Then, if your partner claims the profile you generated with your Story, you’ll get an additional 8 MLR Days. Published Magazine Stories and any other published Story will earn you 2 MLR Days.

Other considerations

  • Once submitted, your Story becomes part of the MLR community.
  • We are not obligated to post any Story.
  • We reserve the right not to credit membership days, or to remove credit from authors of Stories we don’t post or cancel later.