Talks Content Guidelines

To make the discussions relevant and appropriate, we have set up the following rules. If you repeatedly don’t follow these guidelines, we will block you from posting. Play nice, and we’ll all be fine.

  • If a recent thread about the topic at hand already exists, post to that thread, rather than starting a new one.
  • Do not post personal information of members, including pictures, content copied from their emails, Private Messages and messages between MLR staff and members. This is grounds for banishment.
  • Do not post detailed Stories. It’s okay to link to a Story. Responses to a current thread that refers to a member with positive comments about that member is okay, as long as the comment is pertinent to the topic at hand.
  • Do not post bartering-related content. Advertising of personal side businesses or advertisements for other businesses is strictly prohibited.
  • As a business, do not include a link to your website/web ad when starting a thread.
  • Tags used to categorize the talk should be relevant to the discussion (on-topic).

Please note: MLR will remove posts that do not conform to these Talks Content Guidelines. Continuous or habitual posting of non-conforming posts may cause the poster to lose posting privileges for a period of time. Continued ignoring of the rules may cause the poster to be banned from MLR.