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The most important guidelines are: Be fair and honest in your Story Respect a user’s privacy Submit Story of a date within three months Avoid a conflict of interest You can read the complete... Read more

Yes, you can write a Recommendation Story if the person you’re writing about has a user profile in MLR and/or other dating service (website or mobile app). You will need to provide their username, pro... Read more

Any dating experience you had with another person. Some examples of positive encouters include an easy-going date, an intimate date, an one night stand, ‘Netflix and chill’, friends with benefits, a... Read more

Yes, see I met this person last night and we had a date. Can I write a Story for this person?

Members help each other by writing Stories that sincerely describe the experience they had with another member. MLR gets better with each Story that is published, so please: share your experience with... Read more

Writing Stories that get published earn you MLR Days, which you can use to get Premium membership. Here’s how it works. You will receive 10 MLR Days on publication of a Recommendation Story of your... Read more

See What do I get in return for writing Stories?.

Any Story that we believe is false will not be published. You’ve written a Recommendation Story about a member outside MLR, whose profile url is not verifiable by the MLR team. The writer of the Stor... Read more

We look for Stories that fully describe the other member, the encounter and the enjoyment of the experience. There should be a full understanding of all the events that transpired. Describe the experi... Read more

Your Story will also be turned down for containing foul, disrespectful or hurtful language. Please keep the tone of your Story at a positive, mature, fair level. You can read the complete Story Sub... Read more

We use this term if we suspect the Recommendation Story is false. If you feel this is unjustified, please collect proof that the Story is indeed sincere, fair and accurate and contact us. You can re... Read more

As a New Member, you need to have two published Stories (worth 10 MLR Days each) to be automatically upgraded to Premium membership. After this first upgrade, you can still earn MLR Days by writing... Read more

This happens in one of these situations: You wrote a Magazine Story, worth 2 MLR Days (read more about Magazine Stories and Recommendation Stories). You wrote a Recommendation Story about someo... Read more

Once posted, Stories become the property of MLR and we do not remove them. If you remove your Persona, your Stories will be assigned to an anonymous persona.

On the Story page, Locate the ‘Add to Tag’ button and click the triangle on the right of the button. Select ‘Report A Problem’ and tell us what’s wrong. Find out more about MLR Problem Reports.

No. Stories are the property of Meet Love Repeat. Posting their content is strictly forbidden in any situation.