What do I get in return for writing Stories?

Members help each other by writing Stories that sincerely describe the experience they had with another member. MLR gets better with each Story that is published, so please: share your experience with other members and write a Story.

By writing Stories, you earn MLR Days. You will receive 10 MLR Days on publication of a Recommendation Story of your first date with a member of MLR. If you’re writing a Recommendation Story about someone you met through a dating service outside MLR, you’ll get 2 MLR Days to start with. Then, if your partner claims the profile you generated with your Story, you’ll get an additional 8 MLR Days. Published Magazine Stories or any other published Story will earn you 2 MLR Days.

After this first upgrade, you can still earn MLR Days by writing Stories (the same rewards as described above apply), except that MLR Days earned will instantly give you access to Premium subscription privileges.

If you don’t wish to provide Stories, you can subscribe to become a Premium member and take advantage of richer, more detailed information about other members.

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