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The Basics

Yes! MLR offers both a Basic Membership, which is free, and a Premium Membership, which can be free (if you contribute with your personal Stories). With a Basic Membership you can find partners, vi... Read more

Make sure your profile describes you well, both your personality and your physical appearance. Take some time to describe what you like to do on a casual date, what gets you in the mood, and what you... Read more

A Story is your description of your personal experience with member(s) of MLR or other dating services (websites/apps). They typically include visual, emotional and intimate details of your date. Stor... Read more

Yes, the Stories are absolutely real! We prefer to ‘err on the side of not publishing one if we suspect it’s a fake.

The Stories come from you, the members who use our service. Once you‘ve had an experience with an MLR member or a user of another dating service and once you completed a Story, we’ll verify its authen... Read more

We encourage you to share as much as possible to provide others what can they expect when meeting the person you have written about. But it’s totally up to you: share as much you want and feel comfort... Read more

Meet Love Repeat provides a safe environment where all members can anonymously express their views. Don’t provide personal information like your real name, phone number, email address or precise locat... Read more

No. While MLR attempts to make sure Recommendation Stories are written by real people and serve as positive endorsements, MLR does not run background checks or otherwise verify members. If you come... Read more

No. But we ask you to tell us in your Stories if the person(s) you met had accurate pictures on their profile.

As the members of MLR, you have always been the reason for the success of this website. We want MLR to be a comfortable place, where like-minded members can hang out and exchange Stories and valuable... Read more

Yes, iOS users can find the MLR app here. We are currently working on the Android version too! In the meantime, you can access the MLR mobile website on your smartphone.

No. MLR is not a place for advertising escort or dating services, in any way (through profile information, messages, Talks sections, events, etcetera). Any account attempting such action will be close... Read more

It’s great you are having a date! As part of your preparation, it is good to remember that you do not really know the people you will meet, so keep your safety standards high. For example: Do... Read more