What is a Story?

A Story is your description of your personal experience with member(s) of MLR or other dating services (websites/apps). They typically include visual, emotional and intimate details of your date. Stories can include information such as:

  • how and where you met
  • how you felt when you saw your partner(s)
  • what you talked about
  • how things got ‘spicy’
  • who made the first move
  • how you got turned on and what came next
  • which acts you engaged in

On MLR, there are two kinds of Stories.

Recommendation Stories
Recommendation Stories give readers an impression of how and why you had such a great experience with your partner, so that they can be better informed when they meet with the same partner(s).

Magazine Stories
These are dating experiences (positive, negative, funny) you’d like to share while keeping your partner anonymous. They can still include visual, emotional and intimate details of your date, but you are respectfully discreet about your partner’s identity.