• The World's Number 1 Elite Sex Party.

Hedonica is the number 1 Adult Elite Sex Party in the world. We organise and host the very best orgies in London, Ibiza, New York and Miami for adventurous swingers and single girls to engage in evenings or weekends of fantasy and enchantment with the most attractive like minded people. Whether you are a newby or experienced in this rapidly expanding culture, Hedonica Sex Parties are the place to really lose yourself in a world of fantasy and indulgence.

Our secret sex parties in London and around the world bring together the very best in the elite world of hedonistic pleasure seekers, swingers and adult entertainment to enjoy mind blowing orgies. We have very standards and we plan our events well into the future to ensure that the sex parties bring together the right couples in the right theme or setting leaving you wanting absolutely more. This is why our members and clientele include globally recognised personalities and high profile professionals. We just love bringing people together and our objective is to help our members escape into a secret fantasy world of erotic bliss.

The sex orgies run by Hedonica take place in secret penthouses, mansions, hotels and yachts and other private locations round the world. Attendance is on an absolute invitation only basis you have to be selected and granted membership status to attend. Membership is free but is based on meeting our strict guidelines; however if you do become a member, there is no looking back and you gain access to our global network of regular and one-off parties.

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EC2A 2EW London, United Kingdom
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Aug 2016