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  • A community of couples who share common interests

Welcome to Sexy Swingers! Now, over 9 years of drama free swinger’s gatherings. We are not a party but a community of prescreened couples who share common interests. We watch out for each other, let each other know where the good parties are and in many cases develop great friendships.

When we host parties, the primary objective is always to get likeminded people together to play with people that they will be comfortable with. Some of our parties are free, some request nominal donations, but profit is never an objective of our parties. Lets be honest here, we are looking for people that we find attractive, and so what does that mean? Height/weight proportionate, young enough not to remind us of our parents and old enough to not remind us of our kids. That doesn’t mean you have to be Ken and Barbie, but you should be comfortable with how you look in however little clothing you might be wearing at the end of the night. Nobody over 55! NO BI MEN! No BBW's or BBM's(men) sorry just not our thing, nothing personal. Our couples take care of themselves and would like to be with other couples that do the same. To be approved you MUST send a G rated picture of you both.

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Providence, United States
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