• The first permanent Tantric Club in Prague

The international network of exclusive Yulia Varra’s Tantric Clubs – Swingers Clubs originated in Israel in the year 2000. At that time Yulia Varra, who developed and shaped both the idea and the fundamentals of the project, brought together a group of enthusiasts sharing her thoughts at the series of open-air seminars and informal gatherings. She taught them spiritual tantric techniques and meditative asanas for couples. In 2001 upon returning from India where she visited the ashram of world renowned Guru and legendary disseminator of tantric knowledge Mr. Osho, Yulia has applied her knowledge of nudist ideas and body relaxation techniques acquired in India to her first Moscow tantric club.
The guests of the Swingers Club Prague are dressed in sheets at the seminars and accept nudity as normal and obvious reality. Her training sessions and seminars attract both couples and singles. Single people come to find their significant other or simply those who share their views and approach. Yulia Varra’s tantric club was the first club in Russia to allow consensual sexual contacts. At the first sight the idea of a tantric club is similar to that of swing-club. However, there are important distinctions which create the very special inimitable atmosphere in Yulia Varra’s clubs. These unique features are training sessions and educational programs based on patented proprietary practices and scenarios and include studying various massage techniques, interactive games, theater plays and contact therapy. No one is left to be a wallflower; no one stays uninvolved or indifferent.

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Dejvická 176/1, 160 00 Praha 6
160 00 Prague, Czech Republic
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Aug 2016