A very warm welcome to Amsterdam

Intimate date Story by AccidentalLover
  • Amsterdam, Jun 2016


am staying for 5 months in Amsterdam, and this happened right when I moved here in June. I was browsing all the possible boards and pages to find out as much as possible about new experiences and opportunities I have in here.

That's when my kinky-me woke up.

When I checked Craigslist, its 'Casual Encounters' category in particular, I saw an ad, posted by a couple. That's when my kinky-me woke up. What I noticed was how quick it is to get to meet people online in Amsterdam, no checking, no endless conversations... We just exchanged pics and we were up for drinks on Friday.

We met in a tiny cafe by the canal, what turned out to be right below their apartment. She was beautiful, with what I assumed was her typical Nordic blond-hair and white face appearance, turned out she was from Iceland! How exotic! Her partner was Latin, but I don't recall the country. Muscled, bearded, with a smile that never left his face. After an hour or so of chatting, we finished our beers (Heineken that is!) and headed upstairs. Inside they showed me their big music CDs collection, we had a bit more chat about where I come from, and then she put the music on.

When we moved to a bed, I thought I am living a dream. I got a feeling the music was our sex soundtrack.

It started very slowly, as she was kissing me, moving her hips a little as it was going to be our romantic slow dance. Then, while still kissing, I noticed her Latino going shirtless behind her, and oh boy! is all I can say. He came from behind, lightly touching my hair and neck, then took my shirt off as well. I still had him behind me, where I though he will stay forever, until he turned me around and we started making out. She took care of my pants, and in few seconds we were all naked, with our hands all over each other. When we moved to a bed, I thought I am living a dream. I got a feeling the music was our sex soundtrack.

I had a few threesomes with bi-sexual couples, but this was the most intimate one so far. Never have I ever been with a man inside of me, and inside of a woman on top of me. We took no breaks and the date went on for what I think was eternity. After we were done, I noticed it's been three hours of a non-stop pleasure: kissing, french love, penetration, double penetration, kissing, more kissing.

After we were done, they let me take a shower at their place, gave me a glass of water and off I went.

I haven't met another couple yet after this encounter, but I did explore more of the Amsterdam.

What I’ve learned with this date

Since I was in the other country, I didn't know what to expect. I should never worry. Especially that their personalities were so great. The experience opened me up for more sexual opportunities in the city of kinky fun.

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