Dating Sean was weird but fun!

Easy going date Story by hugsnodrugs47
  • New York City, Jan 2017


found Sean waiting for me at a table in a coffee shop in Union Square. It was one of my first times meeting someone from the internet, but his messages were so funny that I had to find out if he was as charming in real life, and he was.
He’s a comedian, like me, so we nerded out over different specials that had just come out and what kinds of jokes we thought were important to the world and which ones were crap. It was really fun. After drinking coffee and talking for an hour we walked and talked more until we found a bar. After a couple of drinks, we decided to go to his place and had a really nice time.

On our second date he was really grouchy but then we got lunch and he was great.

Things didn’t end up working out for different reasons. I think our timing was wayyyy off. I think if you’re looking for someone who is very sarcastic and silly, he’s a great match. I’d also note that if he gets hungry he gets into an awful mood. Not in a scary way, just in an annoying way, so that’s a thing.
On our second date, he was really grouchy but then we got lunch and he was great.
To be COMPLETELLLLLLY honest though, Sean hid some vital info from me that I hope he’s worked out by now, (I’m being so honest!). On top of this, I experienced a big life tragedy right after our first date and it’s kind of hard to say, “I need to cancel our date because I’m on my way to a funeral,” and then convince them you’re not lying... The timing was really really really bad for us. I don’t think I’m the right person to judge how great of a date he is but I just found him on FB and he is definitely good looking so there’s that. Blughhh.

What I’ve learned with this date

If someone dies, you should probably take a break from dating until you stop crying in public all the time!
Also, spanking is fun (He just went for it, you should probably ask first!)

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