Happy Endings

Easy going date Story by littemisslovely
  • New Orleans, Jun 2017


ne day I get a notification that one of my guy friend wants to take me on a date. I thought, hey a free meal why not? I get ready to go out, nothing too special, because I didn’t think the date would go much further than dinner.

He kept licking his lips and his eyes would sparkle in the candle light.

We head out to a local restaurant, and I could tell he was way more into this date than I was. He opened the door for me and treated me like a lady. We ordered some drinks before getting our meal and he was telling me about a break up he just had. I felt bad but I knew the girl and she had told me what was really going on.
We went and sat for dinner and I knew he let me walk in front of him so he could stare at my ass. I could feel his piercing eyes on me.
He kept licking his lips and his eyes would sparkle in the candle light. In the moment, I began to feel myself warm up to him. He began to place his hand higher and higher up my thigh. The food we ordered couldn't have come fast enough. We ended up having a nice conversation and he began touching my leg and things got pretty hot pretty fast.
He got the check and we headed back to his place. We continued what we had going on at dinner and we both agreed we would see each other again very soon for round two...

What I’ve learned with this date

I learned not to judge a book by its cover and sometimes the best things may seem to come in smaller packages.