Head over heels

Intimate date Story by RJspirit
  • New York City, Sep 2015


e met on my college campus one fateful day. I was outside and standing at a table during a club fair. The sun was beating down on me relentlessly, I was annoyed and hungry. Why was I there? Representing an Animal Lovers club (I am very fond of turtles and cats). I saw her from a distance and my mind was instantly taken off of the temperature. She was blonde, green-eyed, grinning and heading my way. I fixed my posture and greeted her with the widest smile I’d had in days. After our exchange, she said she’d come to a meeting. She wrote her number on the sign-up sheet and told me to message her “anytime.”

She blushed harder than you could imagine and after some nervous chuckles, she leapt into my arms.

So within the next few days, I did. Our conversations were full of witty banter and flirting as I expected. And finally I insisted that we meet up for a quick bite after classes. On a Tuesday afternoon I went to her room with a plan. She let me in and I told her I had a surprise planned. I played the piano instrumental song “Where is my mind” by Maxence Cyrin on my phone and read a poem I wrote about her (it’s cheesy so I’m definitely not quoting it here lol). She blushed harder than you could imagine and after some nervous chuckles, she leapt into my arms. I dropped my phone and the screen cracked, but her lips were on mine, so I didn’t mind at all.

Afterwards we headed to a McDonald’s at a nearby mall. We didn’t mind the location as long as we were together. I liked that about her; she was so easygoing… a “go with the flow” kind of person. And this encounter blossomed into a year-long relationship with moments that I am forever grateful for.

What I’ve learned with this date

After this, I learned that even an unconventional idea for a date can become something irreplaceable. If I had to do something differently, I'd suggest a better place to eat, Haha.

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