Hottest non-show ever!

Intimate date Story by Angeloh
  • Amsterdam, May 2016


t was a lazy warm Sunday afternoon and I decided to right-swap some cute faces, out of boredom and sexual excitement. I preferred sticking my nose in front of my mobile screen, full of anticipation, rather than play GTA on my Xbox.

Several swaps (and few sips of beer) later, I got some action! A not-so-bad brunette popped up and, honestly, it made me instantly hot… I commented on her “tagline” and profile photo, gave her a couple of moderate compliments and tried to keep it cool. Even though I was starving for some intimacy I didn’t want to appear desperate. We chatted over the usual “icebreaker” stuff, hobbies, work, favourite djs and it seemed we could have a cool real life date.

Why wasting time? I took the direct road and proposed a casual drink for that same evening. And guess what? She said yes :D

I was not really nervous… I just wanted to have steamy sex.

I ran into the shower quickly, groomed (parts of) my body, put a cool denim shirt on, sprayed a fresh Armani fragrance on my chest and off I go! Half hour later I was waiting outside a hip cafe. I texted her I was already there and tried to relax. Well, I was not really nervous… I just wanted to have steamy sex.

3 minutes passed, 13 minutes passed, 23 minutes, 43 minutes… “Brenda” was nowhere to be seen. I texted a quick “are you cumin?” (yeah, kinda mean) and she didn’t even bother to write back.

Ok, I was standing there handsome and neat, why wasting the evening? I entered the place and chilled alone on the fluffy couch with a tasty dark beer. I started making casual conversation to the group of people sitting next to me and we actually ended up drinking the next round together. 3 chilled dudes and 2 attractive girls from Amsterdam, Italy, and Ireland; not bad at all!
Fair to say, I had a really pleasant time already but things got real when the cute Italian girl sat next to me and started conversation about video games. I instantly got “uncomfortable”! A hot girl loving video games? My heaven! I bought her the next drink, she bought me the one after and gradually we started separating ourselves from the rest of the group. Couple of drinks and laughs later I told her I ‘d like to stay awake all night with her and proposed a new place. I felt genuine attraction! She agreed to carry on and believe it or not, we ended up at a strip club (Amsterdam life… lol). Drunk and happy, we watched some cheap dances and starting getting really bothered

It didn’t take us long till we moved the show to the bedroom. That's right, she asked me to join her at her place for a last drink! I gladly accepted the invitation and made sure I carry her at the back of my bicycle, like a proper gentleman. Things got ecstatic between us upon arrival. We started kissing and making out already on the steep stairs to her 3rd floor flat. HOT! After several hours of enjoying each other in every possible way, I left her place around 5. Of course, I made sure I got her number before.

It has been one of the best hook up experiences ever! Genuine attraction. The question is, should I text her? :D

What I’ve learned with this date

Expect the unexpected! "Use" every moment and try things out of your comfort zone!

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