My 3 Week Adventure

Intimate date Story by pattycake
  • New York City, May 2014


met this Italian guy visiting friends in the City for 3 weeks. He messaged me on Tinder and I replied, considering how friendly he looked compared to my previous matches. We talked about all the things to do in NYC, and he asked to meet up. I reluctantly agreed, since I wanted the choice of something more long term. He was visiting from Italy and I am from the US, so I didn't think I'd likely see him again.

His super cuteness single-handedly convinced me to meet him. So he braved the subways to meet nearby my place. Our first date consisted me showing him around- window shopping, 2 hours at Starbucks and effortless banter throughout. His English was gorgeous by way of his sexy Italian accent.

Although I was nervous, now his cuteness plus accent persuaded me to go back to his hotel. He was quite the gentleman overall. I definitely felt myself falling for him. I know now that he felt the same.

It was in the shower that I knew I definitely had to see him again.

We became so comfortable so fast as the evening progressed. Nervous? Who said I were nervous? We messed around in bed and in the shower. It was in the shower that I knew I definitely had to see him again. There was no sex yet, but it was all so much fun.

We ended up seeing each other every day of his visit. We went on all sorts of adventures and the sex part happened too. We ate at nice restaurants, went to parties and left early to hook up in really creative ways. He slept over my place and I at his hotel every night until he returned home. What a superb 3 weeks!

We have stayed in touch via Skype. And I ended up studying abroad for a year in the UK.

So on a few occasions we were able to continue our adventures. I visited him once in Rome and he visited me a few times in the UK. He's basically the absolute greatest, but we just can't be together seriously due to distance.

Still, we’re good friends. Maybe he’ll make it back this way. I'd be up for another adventure any day...

What I’ve learned with this date

I'm more open to new things. I enjoyed the new feelings from an adventurous experience with a really great guy.

I wouldn't do anything differently if I met the right person.

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