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  • Los Angeles, Oct 2016


e found on, naughtyLA. It's a group that does sexy events in LA. It is great for meeting like minded people. It is mostly singles but Sienna who owns it makes most sexy events equal amount men and women.
We brought friends with us but we met many new friends too.

The chocolate party is our favorite

We have gone to a variety of events from meet and greets at a classy hotel bar, secret bus rides to strip clubs and finish at a swingers club, chocolate party, life sized game board, Halloween parties, museum game playing, besides events from others that Sienna lists each week.
The chocolate party is our favorite, been to 3. It starts with tasting chocolate treats and drinks in Lingerie and guys in boxers. After getting to know everyone we make a circle in spin the bottle type game on a huge mattress and spin the bottle and perform what Sienna says with who you want. She never goes further than you yourself are comfortable. But as the night gets later, plenty of naked sex is going on, some in other rooms and some right on the mattress with plenty of others. Same rules as anywhere, never touch without asking and never do what's not comfortable for yourself.
We have enjoyed ourselves with other couples (mostly just bf and gf) and we have traveled with some of them as well.

What I’ve learned with this date

We have learned to talk and play with strangers who are like minded as we are.
It's gotten to the point, we know the right questions to ask and if they have come me to the party and been to others, we usually dance, chat and usually leads to kissing and making the it before we end up in a play area.

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