So, my first time with a Girl was hot, hot, hot!!!

Intimate date Story by poulaineamelie35
  • Rotterdam, Jul 2013


lright, so back in the days that Tinder wasn’t the major tool to meet/date people, things were not so simple. But I guess they were way more spontaneous.

I was dating this guy for a while. Actually, we were kind of friends with benefits. We used to talk about many things including my attraction for girls. I confess it was not that easy for me at that time and I didn’t know how to actively do something about it.

One day, Richard called me asking what I was up to and told me to get ready because we were going to Rotterdam. We jumped in his car and before I realised what actually was happening, we were driving all the way to meet a friend of him. He told me she was bisexual and maybe we could talk a little about being attracted to girls.

Eventually, while we were sitting on the couch, she attempted to kiss me.

Once we arrived at her flat and I laid my eyes on her, she looked stunning! She was French, a sexy brunette wearing a summer dress that fit her body like it was designed specially for her. Well, he introduced us and said he had to go quickly somewhere else but would come back later to pick me up.

I was nervous. Very much! Ha! I didn’t know what to do, what do say. It was so ridiculous, like I went back to my teenager times. I’m not that shy around guys, I’m actually very confident!

Anyways, we were talking for a while and my mind was telling me to just run away however, it wasn’t my mind who was in control of my body anymore. Eventually, while we were sitting on the couch, she attempted to kiss me. I almost fell backwards, LOL, I did try to resist and failed badly. But, oh well, I was already involved in her kiss!

She treated me like I was the most desired woman on this planet.

Oh...that kiss was so different than any other kisses I’ve had before. She was soft, gentle, intense, no beard, haha obviously a great kisser! We were making out for a while, I don't know for how long, but when Richard knocked at the door I was totally lost. We were both half naked at that point!! From that point on, everything just went too fast. We all started making out and not long after, we all moved to the bedroom. Oops!

This girl was amazing, her body felt so good, the way she touched me... heaven! She treated me like I was the most desired woman on this planet. Things got pretty spicy at this stage.

Honestly, I never got to meet her again but wish I did. I got to tell that, Richard and I were amused by her for a while and planned to repeat it sometimes but unfortunately, it never really worked out. I guess this is also one of greatest dream of many men LOL. Either way, for me it was just as wonderful. Let's just say that it was an unforgettable and very, very hot date!

What I’ve learned with this date

Well, to always keep an open mind and that the best dates can come out of the unexpected!

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