Summer trip to LA goes wild

Intimate date Story by bedwarrior2016
  • Los Angeles, Jul 2016


lright, so I come from Irvine and to be honest, there is not much going on there, especially when it comes to a dating scene. Trust me, you run out of profiles to swipe on tinder after a quarter...

So this summer I made a trip to LA, where I sometime stay at my friend's place (we used to play soccer together, he's been recently divorced). And the LA, oh well, that's no Irvine.
I didn't really go there to meet people, rather spend some days off in the clubs with my buddy. So there I am, 3am, leaving Exchange, and quite drunk. Waiting for a taxi, my phone vibrated. Tinder told me I got a match. Not that I was that wasted, but I didn't even recall me browsing tinder (ok, I might have a habit). The girl was pretty. Not like a star falling from the sky pretty, but im-drunk-and-she's-pretty pretty.
So when I finished smoking, this blond girl with a very pretty black dress I somehow missed inside came up to me.

She sent me a message that we were partying in the same club, although I swear I didn't notice her inside. So before I managed to respond anything, she asked if I left. I wrote 'outside' and walked back near the club. No more messages, no girl leaving, nada. Smoked my cigarette and got the feeling I should have gone home already. So when I finished smoking, this blond girl with a very pretty black dress I somehow missed inside came up to me. Maybe thanks to the booze it wasn't awkward at all, but after just few minutes of a little chat we were all over each other, making out. Some passersby joked "get a room", and I followed the idea. Asked her if she feels like coming over to my place, which she agreed to, and that was exactly the 'oh shoot!' moment, when I realized I don't have my own place here. She got confused at first, but when I explained her my situation, she laughed and caught a cab on the street. In no time we were naked in her bed. As I said, I was already little drunk, so probably I wasn't the best lover that night, but the things SHE did...

I will be honest, somewhere in the middle a thought came to my mind that this girl might be a sex worker, and her head game was really A+. Turns out she was just super horny. We both fell asleep around 5am, and woke up around 10. My phone was dead, so I asked if I can charge it just a bit. "Oh, so you're staying longer?" she joked. And that's how our sexual morning marathon started. For the next hours, until the very afternoon we just kept on having sex. What I really liked was, she wasn't the 'hug me and let's talk' girl, she clearly was into casual sex dates and she wasn't hiding it. My friend freaked out, thinking I got totally lost in the city, but totally understood when I told him where I was.
There was no bill given to me, haha! But also no phone numbers exchanged. We have never spoken after that, dunno if it's good or bad, but all I know is, I wonder how many adventures like this are ahead of me, everytime I will be back to LA.

What I’ve learned with this date

If I knew I would have a sex date, I wouldn't get too drunk, I also wouldn't smoke before meeting, so she doesn't have to smell the cigarettes. I decided to update my tinder profile and make it clear I am into casual dates, as this one. Planning my next trip to the city in the end of August, this time I will pay extra attention to the nice dresses when in clubs lol.

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