Sunset Views

Intimate date Story by nicann623
  • New York City, May 2014


met this guy one day on my way home from work. I was walking past his job while he was outside on break. He came over to me and introduced himself to me. I wasn't looking to date but he was nice so I let him take me out. He had dark hair, dark eyes and a goofy smile. I thought he was cute but didn't think it would go anywhere. On our third date, he wanted to show me this beautiful view of the sunset. We picked up a bottle of booze and headed out.

I was sitting there with my pants off and almost had a heart attack.

We sat on the hood of his car, watching the sun set and talking. We talked about life. Our families. I told him a few funny stories from college. He told me a funny story about his cat and we laughed for hours. Once the sun fully set, we slid into the backseat to 'talk' more. I set my feet up on his lap and he leaned in to kiss me. One thing led to another, and things started to get hot and steamy in the backseat. Next thing you know, we hear a knock on the window. I was sitting there with my pants off and almost had a heart attack. The cops were right there staring into the vehicle. I hid my face and he rolled down the window. The cop told us to head out of there. My date and me got dressed and zoomed off. I think we forgot we were in a public place because we were having such a nice time together. Luckily, the cops didn't kill the vibe we had with each other and we went on another date the next day.

What I’ve learned with this date

I really enjoyed this intimate experience with my partner. It was really romantic. The only thing I would do different, is that I wouldn't get hot and steamy in a backseat in such a open setting.

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