Best date? New York City

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  • LadyBug
    Once a guy invited me at the peer to watch the sunset together, yeah cheesy but somehow sweet.
  • Julietta
    Hot air balloon ride!
  • Queen_Hazel
    Sky diving.....It was so amazing!!!
  • someonereal
    a picnic
  • DanielDuvett
    I've done a hot air balloon as well once!!! But the best date yet to date was in the zoo. It was summertime and it was open longer, nearly no visitors, and the sunset was amazing. I love zoos, but a date in there gives you opportunity to see the other person's true 'me', as they react to the animals in the most natural way. I don't think anything could go wrong in the zoo, unless you enter wild animal's cage, of course.
  • GiGio
    It was a cosy afternoon coffee which then turned into early evening drinks. We had such a good time with each other that we then grabbed some food and we even went on with bar crawling, till late. The key was the good chemistry and chilled attitude between us. We simply enjoyed each other's company.
  • bedwarrior2016
    Lake. Watching sunset as well. Cannot go wrong...
  • hellosandy
    ANYTHING that is not the standard going to bar/restaurant/movies. Also, studies show that if you do something exciting on the first date, like, say go to an amusement park and go on roller coasters and rides, your date will associate the outbursts of adrenaline they experienced with you and perceive you as exciting. So, do something fun!
  • MissBetta
    After the object of my interest came to watch me play polo, we went for a long drive into the Russian countryside (really out in the boonies) and found an Uzbek restaurant. Shortly after we settled ourselves on pillows on the floor (Uzbeks don't use chairs at the table), we were joined by a crazy drunk Russian guy dressed completely in white who claimed to be a musician. He was quite the lunatic, but most entertaining. We'd been having a great time already, but adding this character to the mix made it a real adventure. It was a bizarre situation, and the adventure bonded us.
  • nicann623
    The best date I've ever been on - we went to this really cool beach and stayed until the sunset. It was gorgeous. We talked for hours and cops ended up coming and kicking us off the beach.