Christmas present to your ex? Amsterdam

Have you ever had a situation when you broke up with your SO (in a friendly way) right before some holiday or his/her birthday and ended up with a dilemma whether to buy him/her a present or not?

Let's say, would you in such situation still get your SO a Christmas present?  I don't mean things you planned ahead before a breakup (like a trip or some event). Just curious to hear your opinions on that.

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  • Tinderella
    Sorry for such late response, but I just noticed the post.

    I have never found myself in such situation, but answering your question, if I were to decide, I'd still get a gift. As long as our relations are still good and we're friends.
  • GiGio
    well, I wouldn't... a breakup means need for space between the two people so no need to pretend you are friends. If/when you feel good again, you can always offer a gift
  • DanielDuvett
    It doesn't cost much and it's a nice thing to do, still. I'd totally do it.