Dating sites profile Stockholm

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  • LadyBug
    It depends on what you want (which is also relevant to which dating sites you are on!).
    Talking for myself, If I feel I want to be exclusive / settling down with somebody, I will absolutely remove my profile. However, if I am into casual dating, alone or with my partner, I will keep my dating profile active!
  • poulaineamelie35
    I don't know, I've been in other dating sites but I thought they were a little to restrictive if you were not a premium member. MLR has this awesome possibility to have these talks with you guys, haha! So, even if I would no longer be single I'd just keep my profile anyway! Probably I wouldn't look at it very frequently though...
  • flylady
    I think I would keep mine active, because hey they take time to make and nothing's ever definite