Do you mind ripping off your clothes? Amsterdam

There are women who wish to meet this great, alpha-type of guy, who takes them on the table and rips the clothes off. Question is, does it irritate you at some point, that you lost your favourite strings or bra?

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  • Julietta
    Hi Suave, thats a funny question
    Personally, I don't mind at all losing my fave bra while I am in the "hot" moment, but surely I regret it later :P
    I mean, imagine yourself losing your fave and expensive briefs during a date you met 2 hrs ago... Anyway, I guess its personal thing but I tend to believe women are more attached to their garments, than men
    I hope that helps!
  • Jacno
    No, you don't rip off my favorite clothes !
  • Angeloh
    Definitely, man! Ripping off clothes is quite satisfactory, but I bet the ladies do not enjoy it as much as we do.
  • Sushilovers
    I think it's also the way you do it which can be the problem or not... personnaly I love that and my partner loves to do it but when she does that with too much "anger / violence" it breaks the mood...
  • Juta
    Sounds like wild sex! Sounds great!
  • timetoenjoy999 (NakedCouple)
    When I meet a hot guy I want, it's usually at a swinger club or swinger hotel or Miss Sienna's parties and I would never be wearing a bra or panties! And it wouldn't be the first time going home naked because I lost a dress.