Does cassual sex really exist? Amsterdam

So, I just signed up in this comunity trying to find out the question everyone is afraid to talk (at least publicly): Does casual sex really exist?

Do not get me wrong, I am married and my wife and I are happy together but due to other reasons we do not have as much sex as we would like to and after speaking about it we suggested to try "something" else. For now we are open to talk about it and try to figure out if this solution is actually good or if it ALWAYS turns out bad.

Any help, specially experienced, is greatly appreciated!!

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  • timetoenjoy999 (NakedCouple)
    We were married 30+ years when we were approached by other couples at a nude resort. We didn't play with any one but did notice how much a good time we had with them. We started going to Swinger Clubs and then putting ads in swinger sites to meet other couples. We have enjoyed our last 7 years.
  • Trico31
    Thanks for your reply timetoenjoy999!! So would you say that your decision to start going to Swinger Clubs made your marriage stronger? Our fear here is that it will end breaking ours..
  • timetoenjoy999 (NakedCouple)
    For us definitely stronger. We are strict on our boundaries and both of us have to agree before we play with others.