Favourite lube? Los Angeles

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  • Sushilovers
    we use "aqua slide" from "taBOOM got it" and we never had any problems. You can buy it online I think.
  • BGranger
    When in La, I got to try Floria, the world’s first cannabis lube, and let me tell you something, girl! WOW!!! A whole new experience, I should have stocked it up!
  • Tinderella
    If you can get 'Pjur Basic Silicone' anywhere, go for it. I always use silicone based lubes, never water based! You pay just a little more, but believe me, it's worth the money. I guess I can recommend any silicone lube to you, but Pjur is the one I happen to always use.
  • Julietta
    Thank you all, your insights are really helpful!
  • LadyBug
    I tried few times the "Uberlube" and I really liked it. It's doctor recommended and safe with both lady parts and latex, so it should be OK for you.

    It works as a massage oil too, leaving the skin soft and moist, and not sticky... And let me tell you a secret, it also doubles as a hair-frizz fighter! haha