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  • Loving
    Always stay away from going to a movie on a first date. This is ALWAYS a bad idea! LOL!
  • bedwarrior2016
    I don't mind drinks, but if it's during a day I believe a coffee is never a bad idea. I never have dinner on first dates though. I don't want to spend awkward hour waiting for and eating food
  • Tinderella
    I think going to a movie is actually really nice. Never had a bad experience with that
  • Julietta
    Casual drink is the best. You get to set relaxed atmosphere and to have the possibility to actually talk and get to know each other
  • charlesdecember
    Somewhere that's more noise-free... bars are great and grabbing a drink is always a neutral place to start but it can be hard with so much music / chatting going on. Maybe a lounge-type spot?
  • Blindpony
    Museums and libraries. It's good to see how someone looks in broad daylight. Mainly kidding - but these places are good conversation makers and body language can vary quite a bit. And if he/she is into Sartre while you're a Sports Illustrated person you kinda know what the next steps could be.
  • MissBetta
    Horseback riding. You can ride abreast and talk, and if the date turns out to be a dud at least you have a good time riding.
  • nicann623
    Any type of place where you can talk and get to know each other, but there's still something going on around you if things get awkward. Movies is definitely a NO.
  • Loving
    Agreed. NO Movies! LOL!
  • RJspirit
    A casual time in the park is a good opportunity to see how easily you two can communicate. There's silence, nature to adore and the chance to see the other person's demeanor very clearly.