How has your dating behaviour changed under the new administration? New York City

Really curious about this:
Do you find people are more depressed?
Or just more reckless?
Do you see a lot of old billionaires advocating boner meds so they can better 'screw' everyone?
Or do you suddenly have a joker when the conversation runs stale?

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  • RJspirit
    Honestly, I've just decided to avoid anyone who's a staunch supporter of the new administration. Certain tactics they've used disappoint me to no end. And yes, I've noticed people be in more of a sour mood these days. It's sad.
  • hugsnodrugs47
    A lot of things got more clear under Trump. I was dating a guy who thought that it wasn't a big deal, and when a girl in his building was crying uncontrollably about it he called her, "dramatic." That was right after election day and we have since broken things off.
    I used to feel like conservatives just didn't understand certain types of oppression because they were sheltered growing up, but now I have no patience for it in my dating life. I don't mind engaging in conversation to try to change these people's minds, (but a lot of the time it feels like a waste because they don't respect women!) but I definitely don't want to date them.
  • timetoenjoy999 (NakedCouple)
    We date other couples and don’t discuss politics or religion and everything’s no is normal. Many couples state they are to the left and if you are a Republican don’t bother us. Never noticed the reverse when Obama was in office. Who knew all’s politics with another sexy couple? So much more in life for sex, kissing and flirting. We can respect a difference of opinions on many subjects and find those are the happiest people