How 'physical' are you in sex, growing up? Amsterdam

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  • Angeloh
    I remain active and physical 
  • DanielDuvett
    I'd say I'm equally active, just lower in frequency 
  • GiGio
    Men are supposed to peak sexually around the age of 20 when the testosterone levels are at their highest. And that's purely about being more physical, it doesn't mean the sex is better... 
    In my opinion sexual peak is not only about hormones but it's also about good psychology, maturity, and experience.
    So, yes I am probably slightly less physical with the age but the overall experience (for me & my partner) is way better! I believe everyone can reach their sexual peak, at any age, if they focus to their physical and mental health.  
  • bedwarrior2016
    I see absolutely no difference. I'm the same as before, which I guess is a good thing