I'm Having a Situation Stockholm

I'm having this situation. My very first love contacted me, out of blue, on facebook few months ago and he keeps messaging me frequently, since.. (like twice a month or so). It's kinda surprising after all these years left behind!
How would you explain this behaviour? Are his feelings "reborn" or is he just trying his luck? lol


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  • Julietta
    mm, I'm pretty sure he broke up with his partner and he's looking for some "rebound" action
  • poulaineamelie35
    Yeaaah, I never really understood that! If it's an ex, probably there is a reason to be in the past, right? But I guess in the end it's up to you, do you feel like having contact? No? Then do as I do and block him! ahahaha good luck!
  • AnarchoBro
    probably trying to strike his luck
  • LadyBug
    I very much agree with poulaineamelie35. You broke up for a reason so maybe it's not a good idea to keep thinking about him.
    Ok, it happens that people reconsider and maybe now (after other relationships) he realised how great you are! But still, he should be frank with you and talk about his intentions, if he has any intentions to try again with you.
    Chatting to you on facebook for months, shows to me he's just playing around and messing up with you. Maybe he needs some confidence boost lol
  • Juta
    He comes up with this irresponsible behaviour like "Hi Love" or "Did you forget me???" that irritates me a little...

    Thanks guys, I guess it's time for me to take things under control again
  • Angeloh
    maybe his girlfriend left him...