Is swinging your "secret" or not? Amsterdam

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  • AccidentalLover
    I don't do that, but I have a friend and him and his wife are into swinging. I never really paid much attention before to that topic, but he told me - quite openly - a lot of stories. I am a single myself so I don't really have experience with this, but I'm eager to try if my future gf/wife will want to.

    His wife never talks about it, I don't even think that she knows he told me. But he has no problem talking about his sexual experiences and desires.
  • Julietta
    thanks for the input AccidentalLover
  • Juta
    A friend of mine, who is into it, makes no attempt to keep it a secret and has no "shame" of talking about her experiences. Why would she?
    If this is the way she lives her sex life no one has to be bothered about it. Especially her
  • 2explorers
    We keep it our thing and don't tell others, since it's nobody's business what we are into.
  • timetoenjoy999 (NakedCouple)
    Everyone knows we're nudists and is great for discussing to others. At nudist resorts, we mention particular swinging hotels and clubs and if they know the name, we discuss swinging