Question to all, male, female, undecided lol! Amsterdam

The other day in a conversation with some friends, I came accross with the fact that a few ladies were not that satisfied about their sexual life with their respective partners.

In my opinion, good communication opens the door for great experiences behind closed doors. Tell what you like, how, when, what your fantasies are etc.. It's very important to guide your partner to please you too (not only himself
), right? It is not like he can read our minds, after all!

What about you? Is it very difficult for you to open up and tell ( in a nice way! ) that is not really spot-on what he is doing? Guys, do you feel less stud if a lady says something? Ladies, do you dare to say something? Very curious.......

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  • Julietta
    Hi poulaineamelie35, I think you hit a nerve with your question! I bet many people / couple face this issue.

    Personally, I can only speak from my experience which sums up to: age makes the difference! The younger / less experienced I was I wouldn't really dare to express my deeper thoughts or wishes, out of fear of being laughed at. But, this is not the case anymore
    Experiences and maturity made me realise that there are no rules, really, in intimacy (as long as you don't harm anyone of course :p). Moreover, the partner matters. An open-minded confident partner sets the right atmosphere for honest and at-ease communication
    My 2 cents...
  • Angeloh
    Of course it's not your favourite thing to hear. Critique is always a bit hurt-full, however it's necessary if you want to make the sex or the relationship better. It's like a friendship, you should be able to talk honestly with your pal. For me, the way you say things matters because it shows your motivation, what you try to achieve with your comments.
  • LadyBug
    You can guide your partner during the 'action' and show them how you want them to treat you or touch you. There's no better way than showing them yourself
    I'm sure they will find it hot!
  • DanielDuvett
    I usually have no problem communicating my plans and desires. Once I open up and am all openly talking about it, my partner usually does the same too. As you said, good communication is a key.