Sex or love? What do people search on dating apps? Amsterdam

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  • timetoenjoy999 (NakedCouple)
    We date as a couple. We look for people who we can be friends with but expect sex as well. Nothing better than an evening out whether at a club or just dinner than back to our home for swapping partners. We like dating the same couples knowing perhaps next time a BBQ at home, hot tub and sex or 6 hand massage and sex.
  • Angeloh
    Mainly sex I'd say. But you never know how things turn out.
  • Yvonnereese0
    It is good, i could use some actually😍
  • Tinderella
    It's a very stereotypical BS. So men don't fall in love anymore, and there are no sexually frustrated women?
  • hellosandy
    I think that is very stereotypical. I've experienced less emotional attachment than the men I've seen/been with throughout all of my life. I think that different people use different dating apps and websites for different purposes: thus there is such a huge variety of them. and MeetLoveRepeat, for example, have very different purposes and users. So, if you are here, chances are you are not looking to meet a future spouse. Whereas, finding a hookup would be less likely on So, I think, the best thing to do is to define what exactly you are looking for and find the app/website that matches your goals.
  • charlesdecember
    It's definitely a gendered stereotype. Starting out meeting / getting to know someone with a set of expectations can only do more harm than good.
  • PoliticalDM
    I think it's more a difference in goals than expectations. As long as you're able to adapt, you're always able to have a good time.
  • Blindpony
    There might be a tendency, but that's pretty much it. As long as you remain open and don't get reckless you should be fine - and then it depends on the case by case scenario. Be nice!
  • pattycake
    I think the app itself tells you pretty clearly what people want- both men and women. If it's Eharmony, the parties more than likely are looking for something concrete. If it's JustBang then,... I don't think things can get more clear than that.
  • Independentlady7
    well, i like sex, because i tell my mate we should try a threesome with another mature female to spice up our relationship a little more, i am a very sharing person and i love role playing scenarios with my mate..