Worst date! Amsterdam

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  • Juta
    My very worst date ever (and even worthy to mention!) was a first date during which we went for dinner at one of these "eating in the dark" restaurants lol
    Well, you can imagine the scenario..!
  • Julietta
    My Tinder date once was so boring that I almost fell asleep... I had to constantly initiate the conversation to avoid awkward silence. After 2 glasses of wine I gave up and headed home! (Of course I didn't text him again!). And the weird thing was that while texting each other, before meeting, he seemed quite talkative lol
  • DanielDuvett
    To be honest, I did have once a horrible date, but frankly I was the annoying one 
     It was shortly after my ex broke up with me and I could not stop talking about her. Needless to say we never repeated the date. From the perspective of time I can't understand why I behaved like this...
  • AccidentalLover
    I guess I was lucky enough and never had a terrible date yet. But I would do consider it awful if the other person was terribly late and unapologetic for that.
  • bedwarrior2016
    I have once had a girl who couldn't stop crying and she would go 'oh it's nothing' and then cry again. It was very awkward
  • flylady
    I've had a guy take me out and then tell me I can only communicate with him through facebook. I said oh, haha, why? He's going to tell me because if I text him his girlfriend might read it.
  • Queen_Hazel
    There is this guy I met then apparently the Ex girlfriend was working at the restaurant we were meeting and she caused a lot of havoc. It was so embarrassing!
  • someonereal
    Never thought about it before, but i guess it was with a guy that smelled. He was sooo nice, but he smelled really badly.
  • conurelover
    wow, my worst date was when my "boyfriend" (and I use that term loosely because i'm pretty gay haha) asked me to see a movie, and then expected me to pick him up in my car because he couldn't drive and didn't want to take the bus. and when we got to the movie theater plaza had us go to the dollar store for snacks and drinks. when we finally got into the theater he didn't even have enough to cover the cost of the tickets- and i'm not trying to make fun of someone lacking funds, bc i'm pretty poor myself. he was just using me to see a movie he wanted and then got mad when i was totally turned off by him and didn't want to make out during the film. pro-tip, fellas, if you ask someone to go on a date with you either tell them they're paying or don't mislead. btw- blow your nose before going in for a kiss.