would you dump a girl if her moms dont accept you? Totowa

I was once dating a dude for 2 years. When things started getting serious and talking about marriage or even living together he literally pulled the rug out from under my feet and said that he's breaking up with me because my mom dont like him or accept him the way his family loved and treated me. Like honestly your in a relationship with me not my mom. is he right or a coward/douche for doing this?

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  • hugsnodrugs47
    I wouldn't call him a coward or a douche, but I definitely think he's not seeing the big picture here. Like, if he's panicked about the situation he should just talk about it with you. You were in a serious relationship and he should know he can talk to you about anything and work through things. Sounds like he's freaked out. I hope things work out for you!