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How frequently do you do your STD checkups? and if you're committed (say, swingers), do you plan those checkups for the same day as your partner? 
24/01/17 By bedwarrior2016
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For me there is not much of a taboo when it comes to sex toys, mostly because I'm up to many many things. I guess the only thing that concerns me most is anything that can 'go the wrong way' - toys th...
12/09/16 By bedwarrior2016
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What's your favourite song while making love? [:wink] I 'd go with "The xx - Intro" 
29/08/16 By Julietta
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Hello, can you recommend any specific brand / type of affordable lube? (I have tried few commercial ones (ie. durex etc) and it seems they cause me irritation...[:sad]) - Thanks!
23/08/16 By Julietta